Southeast Asia Unelectrified Area Support Fund

Basic Data

Loan currency

US dollars (USD)

Gross rate of return (annual rate in the loan currency)


Return on investment (in the loan currency)

x 1.170

*Gross rate of return (annual rate in the loan currency) is a figure after deduction of fees described below.
*The calculation period for the gross rate of return (annual rate in the loan currency) begins on the execution date of loan to the group company and ends on the termination date of the silent partnership agreement.

Please see here for definitions of the gross rate of return and the return on investment.

Method of distribution payment

lump sum at maturity

Scheduled date of distribution payment

January 2021

Period of management (scheduled)

25 months

Scheduled end date of management

End of December 2020

Sales fee

0 yen

Management fee (in proportion to initial investment)


*Management fee (at an annualized rate)


*The fees are charged at the time of start of management.

Minimum investment amount

10,000 yen

Minimum investment unit

10,000 yen

Initial offering amount

10 million yen

Offering period

November 12, 2018, to November 27, 2018

Timeline up to the completion of distribution

(*) The offering may end earlier in case of oversubscription.

- The fund may not be established in case of insufficient subscription.

- The fund’s distribution is scheduled to be paid to investors in a lump sum at maturity in early January 2021 subject to completion of repayment of the loan by the group company.

- The operator shall disburse the loan amount to the group company, in principle, within six (6) business days from the date of end of the offering period.


Crowdcredit Funding LLC

*Crowdcredit Funding LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crowd Credit, Inc.

Agent for offering/private placement

Crowd Credit, Inc.

Diagram of relationship among Crowd Credit, Inc. and its group companies

*Crowdcredit Funding LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crowd Credit, Inc.

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